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And this is the fun part about being anon hahah. I'll give myself a number so you don't get confused. Hmm... this is anon 14. So I'm the one who commented about you being a nurse, about keeping the suspense, the hints, moo? And well this one.


haha howd ya know 14 is my fave number? alright, im on the edge of my seat :P

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This is how I imagine Simon Cowells Baby in 12 years time.

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OMG DRAMAAAAAAA!!! Fuck off, no it isn’t.

Recently mega-huge YouTubers Smosh released a video titled ‘19 MORE CRAZY VINES (That Don’t Exist)' which featured a skit that was extremely similar to one of my own included in 'asdfmovie6’.

It was similar enough for me to feel like I’d been ripped off and - in retaliation - I uploaded the above video to my secondary channel without comment.

Why did I feel like I’d been ripped off? Well - other than the obvious similarities between the sketches - because Smosh’s website featured asdfmovie6 upon its release, heavily implying that the owner’s of the channel had seen it.

Within an hour of uploading and Tweeting out the video Anthony Padilla (one half of the Smosh comedy duo) had responded.


Whilst the existence of asdfmovie6 on Anthony’s website belittled his claim of having never seen it I chose to believe that - if nothing else - it really was an accident. Lord knows I’ve unwittingly taken heavy inspiration from videos I’ve seen/forgotten in the past. Besides, Smosh hold a weird soft spot in my heart as the website I uploaded my first ever (long lost) Flash animation back in 2003.

I removed the video from my channel, accepted Anthony’s apology and promptly told Smosh’s fans to “get off my dick" after a slew of "it was only a joke don’t be such a little bitch" messages. 

And that’s what happened.